Welcome to Vikings Athletics!

  • We are excited and looking forward to having you join one of our many sports teams at Atlantic City High School.  We offer many opportunities for you to play sports all year long, and all throughout your high school career.

    We find that our freshmen/new students (and parents) have many questions regarding the registration process, practice schedules, and team meetings.  To help you become “Viking Ready,” we have listed below the most Frequently Asked Questions which we receive from incoming students and their families, with links to take you directly to the places you need to go!  If you have additional questions, please feel free to call or email the Atlantic City High School Athletics Office at the contact information provided below.

    Are there specific due dates to register or submit paperwork?
    Yes!  You will need to mark your calendars!  For due dates regarding registrations, submitting physicals and participation fees, as well as first day practices and scrimmages for your child’s specific sport, please visit www.acboe.org/achs/athletics/fallsports.  Please pay special attention to the due dates for health physical paperwork and please submit all requirements as soon as possible.

    What sports are offered at Atlantic City High School?

    Fall (Begins during the summer):
    Cheerleading (Football)
    Cross Country (Boys/Girls)
    Field Hockey
    Soccer (Boys/Girls)
    Tennis (Girls)

    Basketball (Boys/Girls)
    Cheer/Dance (Basketball)
    Swimming (Boys/Girls)
    Winter Track (Boys/Girls)

    Golf (Boys/Girls)
    Lacrosse (Boys/Girls)
    Tennis (Boys)
    Track and Field (Boys/Girls)

    Are annual physicals required to play a sport?
    Yes.  Health Physical Evaluations (completed by both parent and doctor) are required yearly.  The Health Update Questionnaire (completed by parent only) is required for each sports season.  As soon as this school year is over in June, we strongly encourage parents to begin the process of submitting health physical paperwork.  Health physical paperwork must go through a clearance process that can take up to 7-10 days.  Students are not allowed to participate in any sport until their health physical paperwork is cleared.  Due to the high volume of paperwork received, we cannot guarantee eligibility for first-day play if your child’s physical is not submitted by the suggested due dates.  We make no exceptions to the policy of health physical clearance. Your advanced preparation now will eliminate unnecessary stress and anxiety for you and your child later.

    Are there special forms required for annual physicals?
    Yes.  All annual physical exam documentation results must be submitted on the required forms issued by the State of New Jersey, which can be downloaded and printed via these links:

    Link:  NJ State Preparticipation Physical Yearly Evaluation Form

    **If your child had their annual physical during their 8th grade year, (only if the date of that appointment was on/after August 23, 2021,) then all you need to do is provide your child's physician with the NJ State Physical Yearly Evaluation Form (per the link above), and ask the physician to complete the form based on that last visit.  If this situation applies, you can then drop the paperwork to our main office as soon as your child has officially graduated from 8th grade.  You will also need to submit the Health History Update Questionnaire at the same time as well.

    How do I know if my current physical exam paperwork is valid?
    Annual physical exams are valid for only 365 days.

    If a student submits an annual physical exam dated less than 365 days from the first day of the season which the student wants to play, then all that is required would be the additional Health History Update Questionnaire at the beginning of the season. 

    If a student submits an annual physical exam which is dated more than 365 days from the first day of the season, then the student will need to submit both a new NJ State Preparticipation Physical Yearly Evaluation Form and the NJ State Health History Update Questionnaire.

    When should I submit my child’s physical paperwork?
    As soon as possible!!!  Especially for students participating in fall sports for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year, we strongly encourage the submission of physical paperwork beginning June 26, 2022.

    For incoming students playing a FALL 2022 sport:  Please click here to visit www.acboe.org/achs/athletics/fallsports for exact health physical due dates.   

    Where do I drop off my child’s physical paperwork?
    All physical paperwork should be dropped off at the main office of Atlantic City High School.  Please drop off originals only, do not fax or email.

    I dropped off my child’s physical this morning. Why is my child being told that he/she cannot practice or participate today?
    Once received, physicals must go through a clearance process which can take anywhere from 7-10 days.  Paperwork is reviewed and approved by the school’s Athletic Trainer as well as the ACHS school physician. Students with expired forms, or forms which have been received but not approved by the school physician will not be permitted to try out, practice, or play.  Athletes are not automatically cleared to play the same day on which their physical is submitted.……there are no exceptions to this clearance policy.

    Throughout the school year, and especially during the weeks just prior to a new sports season, we can receive hundreds of physicals on any given day.  To avoid any delays with your child's paperwork, please submit the required forms AS SOON AS POSSIBLE – please do not wait until the first day of practices!  The earlier we receive your child’s paperwork, the better!

    Do coaches make cuts?
    Sometimes, depending upon the number of students trying out for a team, cuts will be necessary for the varsity team.  Teams that historically do not make cuts to their program include football, boys/girls cross country, wrestling, boys/girls winter and spring track.

    If my child does not make a team, can they participate in another sport?
    Yes, if your child has tried out for a team and is cut, they can contact another coach and make arrangements to try out (if applicable,) or to simply join the new team if try-outs are not required.  They may also be offered a spot on the Junior Varsity or Freshman team for that sport.

    How can I contact a coach?
    A complete listing of our sports programs, coach names and contact email address can be found here at: www.acboe.org/athletics/coaches.  Email is the best method of communication as most of our coaching staff teach during the day and are unable to speak on the phone during class time.

    What if my son/daughter loses their uniform?
    Athletes are responsible for the care and upkeep of uniforms during the season.  We expect uniforms to be returned clean and without damage.  If a student loses a uniform, there will be a charge assessed to the student's account for the current cost of replacement.

    Does the Athletics Office sell ACHS logo clothing?
    No, the Athletics office does not sell clothing with the ACHS logo.  However, the school store supplies many different “Vikings” items.  This includes sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts, scarves, hats, and bags if you or your son/daughter would like to purchase and wear ACHS gear!  Many of our sports teams also run fundraisers and sell clothing items throughout the year.