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    Welcome to the New York Avenue School (A Leader in Me School) where the sun continues to shine on the bright futures of our students. We are committed to offering our students, parents and staff an environment that is conducive  for optimum learning, sound instruction and wholesome experiences that will resonate for many years to come.

    In addition, we recognize our students as  true reflections of who we are as a school. It is our objective to transform them into mature and productive citizens who will make a positive impact on society; irregardless what they appear to be at the present time.

    Finally, we declare they will embody the following 7  Leader in Me Habits:

    The Seven Habits:
    Habit 1: Be Proactive • You're in Charge
    Habit 2: Begin With the End in Mind  • Have a Plan
    Habit 3: Put First Things First • Work First, Then Play
    Habit 4: Think Win-Win • Everyone Can Win
    Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood   • Listen Before You Talk
    Habit 6: Synergize • Together Is Better
    Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw • Balance Feels Best