English Department Summer Reading List

The summer reading committee would like to take an opportunity to introduce you to the Atlantic City High School Summer Reading Program 2020-2021. To celebrate the power of literature and create a community of readers, all students entering grades nine through twelve are required to read this summer. The goal of this initiative is to provide both students and teachers an opportunity to engage in discussion about literature and to create an atmosphere that will foster lifelong reading. Students in Honors English 1 are required to read one book. Students enrolled in Honors English 2 are required to read one book that they can choose to read from the MackinVIA platform. Students enrolled in Advanced Placement Language and Composition (English 3 AP) are required to read two assigned novels for this course. Finally, students enrolled in Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition (English 4 AP) are required to read the two titles assigned for this course.


During the first week of school, each English teacher will administer a summer reading assessment that will count as students’ first test of the course and will not be dropped, curved or replaced with an extra-credit assignment under any circumstance. Hence, it is imperative that all students enter school having done the assigned reading so that we can begin the year on a positive note.



Download Summer Reading List