• Clubs & Organizations

    The mission of our clubs and activities is to empower our students to develop their leadership, service, social and altruistic interests.

    We believe in:

    • CLASS: the pursuit of goals with ethics and respect for others
    • COMMITMENT: personal responsibility and dedication to excellence
    • UNITY: Students work together toward common goals
    • VIKING PRIDE: Value and respect for each other, our school and beyond

    Our students benefit greatly from a caring and devoted faculty who facilitate our varied clubs and activities. There are many Club offerings to suit each student’s individual interests, several of which focus on service and academics. Participating in clubs and activities provide our students with an enriching and rewarding high school experience.

    The club experience will assist you in developing the following:

    • ENJOYMENT/RECREATION: You will develop your interests and hobbies outside of academia; it is important to have a positive outlet to socialize and explore your interests.
    • LEADERSHIP: You will develop leadership skills as you assume office positions and various roles within the club. You will be responsible for fundraising, planning and executing social events, and service projects.
    • SERVICE/VOLUNTEERISM: Each club must complete some type of service project; these projects will be within our school, school district, and/or communities.
    • SCHOOL SPIRIT: Participating in clubs and intramural sports will make you feel at home in Atlantic City High School. Our clubs generate a buzz among our students and staff where getting involved is the “thing to do”.
    • SOCIAL SKILLS: You work cooperatively towards fulfilling the club’s mission and develop intrapersonal skills while forming positive peer relationships with a diverse group of students and staff.
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