ACHS Computer Gaming Club
    The ACHS Computer Gamers meet every Wednesday, immediately after school, in room C114. All students are welcome to join us for competitive play of Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and other great games. We also have ongoing projects every week for students interested in designing and building online games and phone apps. Students can learn elementary coding and computer science principles, or participate in our gaming tournaments. All students are welcome!

    Meetings: Wednesdays immediately after school
    Advisor: James Burke

    Yearbook Club
    Objective: As part of the yearbook club, students will work on exercising editorial judgment and put together a professional and exciting year book that captures ACHS students, staff, and events.  Students will learn computer skills and work with desktop publishing.

     Viking Chess Team
    The Viking Chess Team meets weekly, on Thursdays, at the Viking in the main hallway of the Atlantic City High School. Our meetings are held immediately after school, and are followed by bus transportation home for students. New members are always welcome, including those trying chess for the first time. All that is required is that you show up for a meeting of the club, and you are in! Meetings include lessons, tutorials, over-the-board play, and tournaments. It is usually the case the several ACHS teachers join our meetings, so students might have a chance to beat one of their teachers in a game of chess! The Viking Chess Team also plays online, at chess.com, where we host a private scholastic club for team members. Through our online play activities, students will have a chance to compete against high school teams from across the USA, and all over the world.

    Meetings: Thursdays immediately after school
    James Burke


     Latinos Unido
    Objective:  To resolve issues that lead towards a separation within among the student body. To become an outlet for ACHS Latino students. To develop leadership skills, initiate fundraising activities and to collaborate on solutions that would serve to unify the Latino population.