• Scholastic Clubs

    American Red Cross Club

    American Red Cross Club
    Objective: The club is under the direction of the Atlantic County Red Cross. It is a youth Service Program that assists the Red Cross with their activities.  A goal of the Club is to train youth for further involvement in the Red Cross after high school graduation.


    DECA Club
    Objective: DECA Club will promote leadership skills, civic consciousness, and a better understanding of the functions and foundations of management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Participation will provide students with a better understanding of the world of marketing through academic competition on a regional, state, and national level.

    Meetings: Twice a week after school


    Academic Challenge Club
    Objective: Academic Challenge is an after-school program that focuses on academic achievement and displays of excellence in various categories. The mission of the program is to encourage high-achieving students to participate in academic teams and to further expand their knowledge through friendly competitions and quiz games.

    Hope for AC

    Hope4AC (formerly Z Club)
    Objective: To participate in service projects for the school and community and raise money for charities. Students will be encouraged to volunteer on an individual basis for projects which interest them, and will benefit from opportunities to meet people and gain experience while working with a diverse group of friends.

    Key Club

    Key Club
    Objective: This club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership. Students will engage in service projections which promote the adoption and application of higher standards in scholarship, sportsmanship and character.

    Leo Club

    Leo Club
    Objectives: Provide students with the opportunity to interact with our Downbeach and Absecon Rotary Clubs, and work to promote sight and hearing awareness programs. To create a forum so that leadership and volunteerism become a common theme for our students; Encourage students to serve others, develop initiative and leadership qualities. Students will engage in an atmosphere conducive for cooperative learning and collaboration.

    ACHS Math Club

    Math Club
    Objective: To extend mathematical thought beyond the classroom in order to prepare students to compete in math competitions. Students will discuss solutions and work through challenging math problems similar to those they would encounter at math competitions.

    Meetings: Every other Thursday
    AdvisorsRobert Cacioppo and Jennifer Off (Assistant)

    National Honor Society

    National Honor Society
    Objective: Maintain scholarship–character–leadership in school and community–community involvement. To recognize character, scholarship, service and leadership.

    New Jersey Science League

    Science League
    Objective: To extend science thought beyond the classroom in order to prepare students to compete throughout the State in the field of science competitions.

    Student Council

    Student Council
    Objective: Student Council will promote good citizenship in and out of school. It encourages students to be involved with both school and community services, concerns, and the school environment. The Student Council is the supreme representative body of the students at Atlantic City High School, independently elected, conducted, and governed by students. The Atlantic City High School Constitution was written a number of years ago and has been extensively revised in order to clarify and delineate the rights and powers of the Student Council and the other governing bodies. The council sets an agenda of policies and issues to be reviewed, formulates positions, and works directly with the administration to effect change. As always, the council cannot operate successfully without your support and input. The council addresses issues of immediate consequence to all students; it is the one organization driven by your concerns and devoted to your rights. Its officers meet regularly with school Administration.