Art Club
    To foster an atmosphere in which currently enrolled art students may exchange ideas as well as exhibit their talent.  During the year, students visit art galleries and hold their own exhibition.

    To teach students the musicianship associated with performing in marching and jazz bands. The purpose of the Band, which shall consist of instrumental musicians, dance teams and/or color guard, shall be to: 

    • Promote musicianship
    • Showcase musical talents of students
    • Recognize other facets of the student-body
    • Promote school spirit
    • Motivate players
    • Motivate coaches
    • Motivate fans
    • Increase the fan base of AC. High School Athletics (Football, Boys Basketball)
    • Improve school climate.

    To provide students with additional opportunities to work on all aspects of a musical production and/or competition.  Students will rehearse, fundraise, and market the planned musical production(s).

    To provide students, who are interested in theater arts, with additional opportunities to work on all aspects of a production. Students will rehearse, work with sets, work with lights and sound, fundraise, and market the production.