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Elementary Cross Country Championships
2023 Results: Atlantic City High School Course

New York Avenue School Boys’ runner Nasam Bush won the School District Cross Country Championship 2023 race. Girls’ winner Julissa Ochoa (Sovereign Avenue School) finishes as back-to-back Defending Champion!

This year’s Atlantic City Public Schools Elementary Sports Cross Country Championship was held at Atlantic City High School on Thursday, November 16, 2023.   The race featured runners from 8 schools withun the school district.  Although the race was run in one heat, the runners were separated in four groups.  ⅚ girls, ⅚ boys, ⅞ girls, and ⅞ boys.

Four team championships were earned featuring students from grades 5 - 8.  

Congratulations to this year's champions!

  • New York Avenue ⅚ grade Boys’ Team
  • Texas Avenue’s ⅚ grade Girls’ Team  
  • Richmond Avenue’s  ⅞ grade Boys’ Team 
  • Sovereign Avenue’s ⅞ grade Girls’ Team

Nasam Bush, 8th grade, of New York Avenue School won the 2023 Atlantic City Public Schools’ Elementary Sports Cross Country Championship boy’s race on November 16, 2023, at Atlantic City High School.

Bush, the new course record holder, had a time of 8 minutes and 20.7 seconds to top 2022 runner Marshall Harris’s 8 minutes and 50 seconds. The 2023 Champion impressed many by keeping such a great pace!

Sovereign Avenue school runner Julissa Ochoa (8th grade)  is our district’s first back-to-back champion!  She also topped her own course record for girls finishing 9 minutes and 53 seconds which was 26 seconds faster than last year!

Ochoa has excelled in sports and is one of the few students in the district who has participated in all sports offered in the Elementary Sports Program.


Congratulations to our Boy’s 5/6th grade runners!  The top ⅚ boys runner was Pennsylvania Avenue School’s Saamad Jones-Howze and the top ⅚ girl’s runner was Natalie Martinez of Texas Avenue School.

Here are the top 25 overall runners from Thursday’s championship race:

Here are the top 25 finishers: 

  1. Nasan Bush 8M (NYAS): 8:20.7

  2. Diego Lopez 8M (SAS): 08:48.4

  3. Asher Keim 8M (RAS): 08:50.9

  4. Mubeen Keim 8M (SAS): 09:06.0

  5. Mateo Reyes 7M (RAS):  09:12.8

  6. Boden Keim 8M (RAS): 09:31.1

  7. Tyzair O'Neal 8M (NYAS): 09:47.8

  8. Julissa Ochoa 7F (SAS): 09:53.0

  9. Samaad Jones-Howze 5M (PAS): 10:12.0

  10. Azar Washington 5M (NYAS): 10:13.5

  11. Rahat Islam 8M (RAS): 10:25.8

  12. Abir Mahmud 5M (TAS): 10:28.6

  13. Bryan Cruz 8M (SAS): 10:33.1

  14. Alexander Quintanilla 7M (SAS): 10:34.6

  15. Aayan Islam 8M (RAS): 10:34.9

  16. Galileo Contreras 6M (SAS): 10:39.1

  17. Daelin Santiago 8F (TAS): 10:47.4

  18. Anthony Smith 6M (SAS): 10:48.1

  19. Silas Neal 5M (PAS): 10:48.6

  20. Grayson Lantz 5M (PAS): 10:49.1

  21. Mason Gomez 7M (SAS): 10:51.0

  22. Ahnaf Chiddime 7M (TAS): 10:51.5

  23. Santiago Colorado 5M (NYAS): 10:53.5

  24. MD Mustakin Chowdhury 7M (RAS): 11:02.0

  25. Christopher Villanueva 7M (SAS): 11:08.0

If you would like to see more photographs, please visit your home school’s web page and select the athletics tab!