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Senior News

TO: Parent/Guardian AND 2019 Graduating Student(s) of:

            Atlantic City High School

ACIT Alternative School

Coastal Learning Center (CLC)

Division of Children & Families Project Teach (DCF/TEC)


FROM: Tom Biggins & Regina Banner

DATE: June 20, 2019

RE: Marching Practice & Commencement Ceremony


Please distribute this bulletin to your respective students who have met a) the State of New Jersey requirements; b) the Atlantic City Board of Education requirements and; c) all other statutory requirements for graduation.


Calendar of Events


















17                (½ Day School)

18                (½ Day School)

19                (½ Day School)

20       (1/2 Day School)


21     (1/2 Day School)


þ Marching Practice-Day #1

Gymnasium (7:45am—11am)




þ Marching Practice-Day#2




þ Senior Barbeque & Yearbook Signing (10am) @ Football Field



þ Marching Practice-Day#3



þ Reading of the List & Obligations


þ Distribute Caps & Gowns (11:15 am)


þ Distribute Tickets—Student ID and signature required
(11:15 am)



þ Graduation-


(Graduates@9:00 am @Etess Arena side entrance)


(Ceremony@10:00 am)


Last Day Of School Students & Staff



     If you have an obligation from your 9th, 10th, 11th, and/or 12th grade years at ACHS (e.g. library book fines, lost textbooks, unreturned uniforms, temporary IDs, etc.), you will NOT be permitted to participate in the ceremony until the obligation is cleared. All clearances must be in writing and signed by the office or teacher that has the authority to clear you.


     No student who has completed the requirements for graduation shall be denied a diploma as a disciplinary measure. However, New Jersey law has consistently held that a student may be denied participation in the graduation ceremony when personal conduct so warrants. Such denial shall be treated in the same manner as a suspension and the pupil so affected shall be afforded the rights of review provided in policies of the Atlantic City Board of Education. In other words, if you are suspended for any reason and the suspension includes the calendar date of the graduation, you will not be permitted to participate in the commencement ceremony.



     Your class will be presented in front of over 4,500 friends and relatives. The ceremony will be recorded. We want you to look your best. In order to maintain the dignified atmosphere appropriate to the occasion, all students must be present and cooperative at ALL 3 rehearsals. Bring your student ID card for entry into rehearsal practice. PLEASE DO NOT SCHEDULE: doctor visits, college admission tests, dentist visits, driver tests, job interviews, hair & nail appointments or any other activity during rehearsals. Once rehearsal is over, you must leave the building. If you must clear obligations, you must re-enter the building at the door designated to pay obligations (usually the auditorium).


     Please make sure to inform the graduation advisors about any medications you are required to take or any other special accommodations needed for you to be a productive participant in the marching practices and graduation ceremony.


     Each graduate is required to purchase and wear an official ACHS cap & gown & tassel. Gowns from previous years are NOT permitted. The gowns are sheer (see-through). So in addition to the cap and gown requirement, female students are REQUIRED to wear white or one of the shades of white under the white graduation gown and appropriate dress shoes.  Hairpins are also necessary to secure the cap. Male students are REQUIRED to wear dark trousers, a collared dress shirt, a dark tie, and appropriate DRESS shoes.


     Sneakers, slippers, boots, sunglasses, jeans, shorts, capris, and inappropriate attire are NOT PERMITTED! Even though designers like Gucci and Prada make very expensive sneakers, these are not permitted. If after reading this you are still unclear about whether your shoes fall into the category of “sneakers”, please bring the shoes to Mr. Biggins or Mrs. Banner for a final determination at practice #1, #2, or #3. Please understand that if you wear items on the list of inappropriate attire, you will not be permitted to participate in the ceremony or we may ask your family to get replacement clothes for you.


     *********Please do not alter the cap or gown in any way whatsoever. Do not write, affix or tape anything on or to the cap and gown. Top Ten students will wear an honor stole over their gown.  Students graduating with highest honors will wear a gold tassel. STUDENTS IN VIOLATION OF THE ABOVE-DESCRIBED DRESS CODE WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CEREMONY. ************



     Graduation Tickets enable your friends and relatives to enter Hard Rock AC Etess Arena to see the graduation ceremony. Every guest who comes to the graduation ceremony MUST HAVE a Graduation Ticket REGARDLESS OF AGE. This includes babies. Every student scheduled to graduate will receive ten (10) graduation tickets. There will be no additional tickets available. No one is admitted to the graduation ceremony without a ticket. If you lose your tickets, there is nothing that we can do for you. We will not issue replacement tickets.



     Friends and family members may take pictures or videos of the graduation ceremony from their seat.



     Please do not bring balloons, noise-makers or other objects that may obstruct the view or experience of others inside of the Etess Arena. Leave the item(s) in the car or at home. You may bring small bouquets of flowers.


**All information subject to change**