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Meet the Veterans of ACHS

  • Christopher S. Brown: US Navy - Chief Warrant Officer (28 years)
  • Derek K. Cason: Air Force - E-4, Senior Airman, Machinist (4 years)
  • Brian Daniels: NJARNG Army - Sergeant (13 years)
  • Marba Davis: Army - Private First Class (3 years)
  • Everett A. Easton: Marine Corps - Sergeant (5 years)
    3rd Battalion 2nd Marine Regiment 24th Marine, Expeditionary Force, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Battle of Nasiriyah, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Shining Express, Operation Matador, Operation Spear, Operation Quick Strike, Operation Citadel, Liberian Civil War
  • Osilamah Cletus Edeh: Army - Specialist (active)
  • Sean T. Griffin: Coast Guard - Chief (23 years)
  • Timothy Karver: Army - Specialist 4 (3 years)
    Germany, Alabama, Louisiana
  • Myrtile Mayes: Marine Corps - Lance Corporal (3 years)
  • James Washington: Navy - Senior Chief Petty Officer (27 years)
    Sicily, Japan