Junior Monthly Timeline

  • September:

     Start exploring all colleges and careers.  Take advantage of the NJCAN program. www.njcan.org

    1. Username: Your ACHS email
    2. Password: guidance4ACHS


    Other sources of information: visit websites like www.collegeboard.org or www.careersandcolleges.com


    **Get involved in extracurricular activities.  If you join a club, run for office**




    PSAT: The PSAT will be offered by the school in October at ACHS.  There will be no fee to take test.


    This test is a great way to prepare for the SAT, which many of you will take in the spring. 

    Put in extra effort to keep up your grades, your academic performance is still the most important factor in the college admissions process.

    Attend college fairs, talk to people about their college experiences, and explore schools online.  Keep a file on colleges that interest you.




    *If you are on a high school sports team and a potential Division I or II college athlete, you must apply to the NCAA Clearinghouse.  See your Guidance Counselor for more information.




    National College Fair -Atlantic City Convention Center 


    -Concentrate on classes and improve your grades.

    -Begin your search for colleges that match your interests.



    -Review your academic record and PSAT scores with your guidance counselor.  Decide on how you might improve your standardized test scores.



    -Start preparing for the spring admission tests.  Free study aids are available online and at the library.

    -Start narrowing your search for colleges that interest you.


    Take the SAT, SAT II or ACT this spring.  If you receive free or reduced lunch, you are eligible to receive a fee waiver. (See your Guidance Counselor for a fee waiver)


    If you are a potential Division I or II athlete, send your scores to NCAA Clearinghouse by putting 9999 under score reports to colleges and scholarship programs.


    SAT at www.collegeboard.org      (can also be used for SAT preparation)


    ACT at www.actstudent.org            (can also be used for ACT preparation)



    -If possible, schedule campus visits now for the spring when colleges are still in session.

    -Discuss college choices with your school counselor and evaluate how realistic your choices are.



    -Students will participate in state mandated testing.  Test dates and times will announced at a later date. 



    -Narrow your college choices to five to eight schools & request admission and financial aid information from the colleges that interest you.



    -Participate in volunteer work or an internship this summer.  It will give substance to your resume and may provide experiences for your college application essay.