Microsoft Office 365 FAQ's





Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I'm not receiving emails that I know were sent.

  • A:  Check the folder labeled 'Junk'
    • If you have received emails that should NOT be in Junk, 'right-click' and select the option 'Mark as not junk' then refresh your screen it will move to your 'Inbox'.


Q:  Did my username and password change?

A:  Your username will now be your full email address [e.g.] and password remains the same


Q:  Will I still be able to access work E-Mail from my phone?

A:  Yes, however you will need to update the settings in your phone.  Server will be: / username will be full email address / password is your password.  Note, if you’re asked for ‘Account Type’ select ‘Exchange’.


Q:  Why is my Outlook Client, on my computer, now asking for a password?

A:  The system needs to authenticate and now sync with Office 365; please note you may need to enter your password twice**


Q:  If you are still unable to connect to the Outlook Client, you may have Outlook 2010.   The program will need to be updated to 2013, how do I do that?

A:  Please contact the Data Center:  Peggie Davis - x5059; Bill Morton - x5128; Tracy Slattery - x5052 to upgrade the Outlook client.


Q:  I don’t see all of the emails received [Note:  top of the inbox shows ‘Focused’ and ‘Other’].

A:  The default setting is for a ‘Focused’ inbox, to turn this off to see your full inbox:  Click on ‘Filter’ and then click ‘Show Focused Inbox’ to uncheck this option.


Q:  I don’t see the folders that I had with my Exchange eMail account.

A:  Look for ‘Folders’ > under that look for ‘More’ > click on ‘More’.