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  • 2016-2017 Lunch Program

    The Attached News Release is regarding Free and Reduced Price Meals which are available to all eligible children in the Atlantic County School Districts for the 2016-2017 school year

    Atlantic City Board of Education
  • Plan For Action

    The Atlantic City School District will cultivate the potential of all students by challenging and supporting every student to achieve academic excellence and by embracing the full richness and diversity of our community.                                                                                                                                                                  

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Superintendent's Message


As I begin my second year as your Interim Superintendent, I reflect on the past year. While under difficult circumstances, the community, School Board, and staff have maintained a sense of normalcy for our students. We have maintained services and activities while promoting the delivery of solid academic instruction. Despite the reduction of force a year ago, all academic programs have been maintained. All sports programs continue to be offered and activities outside the classroom are thriving. Most of our teachers, excluding non-tenured non-renewals, have been offered positions to return due to retirements and resignations. The Atlantic City School District has stabilized and moving forward should remain in that category.

 I remind all parents to be active in the educational process of your children. Check your schools website, attend events such as Open House and the many activities taking place in your neighborhood school. There are Parent Action Committee meetings held at your locations to inform you of events and updates regarding the district. We look forward to hearing your concerns and sharing perspectives from both parents and administration.

 There are still challenges ahead. We are an intricate part of the financial system of Atlantic City as a whole. The Department of Education continues to monitor our financial status through the presence of a Fiscal Monitor. The administration and staff have worked diligently to maintain high standards within the parameters and constraints of difficult financial times. I am confident that the welfare and education of our students are of primary concern to all involved.

As an Interim Superintendent, my tenure with the district cannot extend beyond two years. The School Board has begun the search for a permanent Superintendent to lead the district in future years. I encourage you to be aware of the many opportunities that will be offered for you to share the qualities and expectations required for this important position. Meetings will be held in the schools and surveys will be available on line to gain this insight and apply it when choosing candidates.

I remain honored and proud to be part of the Atlantic City School District. I have learned a great deal about resilience and pride. These are the qualities that mark Atlantic Citys history and will serve us well in the coming years. Have a great school year!



Paul A. Spaventa